Sunday, April 27, 2014

Incense Today

Incense Today
incense today
Incense Today is now a thing of the past so if you are searching for Bizarro Incense or to see if they are coming back, I can inform you with certainty that they are not making a comeback.

Incense Today was always regarded as a great website by many because of the ridiculous prices you could get from them. They also had suppliers that were providing them with authentic incense blends at a cheap price, which also enabled them to pass down the savings. Incense Today used to host huge sales of 30, 50, and sometimes even 70 percent off! 

While most people loved this website, others complained about their service. Incense Today was always offering some kind of incentive to buy their products. They had giveaways almost every other month, but there was some question to whether or not the prizes were even sent. Unfortunately, I can't find an account of anyone who did receive a prize like they were supposed to with a large herbal incense purchase. Others complained about Incense Today's shipping time, and some reviews even state that it took weeks to receive packages sometimes. 

I am not sure how your experience was with Incense Today or if you even tried them out in the past, but they are certainly gone for good now. 

The best replacement for Incense Today would have to be DieselSpice.

Bizarro K2

Bizarro K2 

Although Bizarro Incense is not made by K2, it is one of the best spice blends on the market today. Many people love Bizarro so much, that it is the only k2 blend they will use.

Bizarro K2 is actually not made by K2 Incense, but by a company named Zencense. They formulated this to be a potent blend and it is considered one of the strongest incense blends out there. I personally think the effects are too strong because you need such a small amount of Bizarro K2 to be burned that it can't even be enjoyed. 

I really enjoyed the original K2 Summit, but Bizarro K2 is on a whole other level. It is not to be taken lightly, because it has also sent some people to the ER with a panic attack. I have had a bad experience on Bizarro Herbal Incense before as well. Remember that your body is different that mine and anyone else's reviews you may have read online. This means that you may react to different substances far more or far less than someone else, or you may even experience something no one else has. That is the gamble you take if you consider using bizarro k2. 

I think that the blend will be around for a while, but who knows because the laws regarding incense change so often. New chemicals or legal analogues are created, and then banned. It is a process that has cause quite a bit of controversy and caused stress in so many lives it is ridiculous. 

Bizarro K2 may be for you or may not, only your experience will tell.

Bizarro Spice

Bizarro Spice
bizarro spice

Bizarro Spice is one of the best herbal incense blends on the planet. It is strong and honestly should be avoided by most of the people searching for it.

Bizarro Spice is very potent and can be way too much, especially for someone who hasn't burned too much spice before. It also is very smooth which can be tricky, since the person may think they are not taking a very big dose, while in all reality they are. 

Bizarro has been around for a few years, and has also sent many people to the hospital with bad effects. It is potentially very dangerous which is why I don't recommend using this blend. I am very afraid of Bizarro Spice.

If you are still interested in Bizarro Spice, keep in mind that since it is a very popular, it is also heavily counterfeited. There is only one site that I am aware of selling legitimate Bizarro Incense and that is Every other vendor out there has had many complaints saying people are selling fake Bizarro Spice. Buy it from Diesel.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bizarro Incense Review and Buy Online

Bizarro Incense Review and Buy Online
bizarro incense

Bizarro incense is so freaking fire.

We use potent herbs and additions that make it almost too strong for sure! I would strongly suggest that you use this product with extreme caution. A first time herbal incense user should never use Bizarro Herbal Incense.

It is one of the top rated incense blends on the market right now, and I know for a fact that it is one of the sweetest mixture of spice on the market!

We manufacture Bizarro Incense and supply wholesale(leave contact info below in comment) and to 2 online companies(our favorite HERE). Don't buy fake Bizarro Incense!